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  • Following her 17 years of formal medical education, Dr. Francis travelled extensively to various parts of the world to study the Traditional Medicines of the regions.

The knowledge and experience acquired on her travels is reflected in her unique perspective on medicine and healing which she incorporates into her practice.


Here are few places she has been:

  1. China (Acupuncture and Chinese medicine)
  2. India (Ayurvedic medicine)
  3. Thailand (Thai massage)
  4. Bali (Herbal Medicine)
  5. Brazil (Santo Daime and Ethnobotony)
  6. Morocco (Sufi Gnawa Trance)
  7. Peru (Shamanism of the High Andes)
  8. Guatemala (Mayan Medicine)
  9. Ecuador (Amazonian Shamanism)
  10. Belize (Mayan Massage)
  11. Mexico (Curanderismo)
  12. Malaysia (Semai Herbalism)
  13. Egypt (Zar Rituals)
  14. Mali (Tuareg Medicine)
  15. Cuba (Cuban Health Care System)
  16. Turkey (Sufism and Roma Dance)
  17. Greece (Traditional Greek Hippocrates Medicine)

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Page About Alchemist decorator.