Congratulations! You have now completed your 21-day RxStar Remedy Detox! Now that you feel energized and focused, you are ready to rock in all areas of your life. But wait, how do you keep the good vibes of the detox after it is over? Here are some easy techniques to help you maintain your new healthy habits. The 90/10 Rule and Harm Reduction Techniques will help you navigate through life’s temptations without feeling deprived, and help you
maintain balance. With these easy tricks, you can have fun and celebrate and still be healthy for the long-term.



The 90/10 Rule
The 90/10 Rule is a simple maintenance guideline. Ninety percent of the time you adhere to the healthy diet that you adopted through the detox program, focusing on whole, unprocessed foods, minimal gluten intake, and healthy fats. See the HEALTH FOOD ROCKS! Plan for a great maintenance guide. You maintain your exercise program, spiritual practices, and keep a healthy home. The other 10% of the time you can indulge in the things that you love, even if you know they are “not so good for you.” Savor these splurges and really be present in that moment to fully enjoy them. When you know you can have whatever you want 10% of the time, you are less likely to feel deprived or have cravings. The big thing here is to promise me that you won’t feel guilty when you are indulging in the 10%. After all, guilt is a toxic emotion and you don’t want that! You may even notice that you are more sensitive to those indulgences after being so clean; for instance, alcohol may give you a wicked headache, and sugar may taste too sweet for your newly refined taste buds.



The After Party
If you took the test and did the General Admission detox, you may want to adjust the 90/10 Rule to 80/20, or even 70/30. The Rockstar Remedy is designed to meet you where you are at, and 80% is better than nothing! Over time, you may find yourself edging up closer to the 90/10 Rule; just keep trying your best and never give up! Check out the HEALTH FOOD ROCKS! Plan for a After Party Eating Guidelines.


Harm Reduction Techniques
You should feel proud about your new commitment to health, but don’t beat yourself up if there are some deeply ingrained “bad” habits that you can’t eliminate entirely. You are only human. You
can reduce the negative effects of a bad habit by using Harm Reduction Techniques, which modify the habit to make it a little less “bad.” For example, if you like wine, choose one that is organic so you aren’t exposed to extra chemicals and pesticides. If you aren’t able to get at least eight hours sleep every night, be sure to take a quick nap when you can to compensate. You don’t have to be perfect, just think about the habits that aren’t so healthy, and find ways to tweak them to make them a little better. There are a lot of helpful Signature Harm Reduction Strategies mentioned throughout The Rockstar Remedy to get you started. You’ll be surprised how these little adjustments make a big difference.



Now that you know how to do the Rx Star Remedy Detox you are able to incorporate it into your health maintenance plan. You may choose to repeat as often as you think you need it. For some people, once a year is enough. For others, twice per year or perhaps with every change of season works better. It is up to you to determine when you need to revisit the program. Now that you know how it feels to be clean, energized, focused and revitalized, you will naturally sense when it is time to detox again. This ends the RxStar Remedy Detox Program! We know we will see you again but until then….

You are now ready to perform on the most important stage of all… Your Life.


Enjoy the Adventure!