The Botox Tour

The Botox Tour


Excerpt from The Rockstar Remedy




Dr. Gabrielle Francis



This tour started out as a big frustration for me.   The artists had no interest in any of my wonderful Naturopathic advice or remedies that would improve their health.  Well, they liked the passive things such as massage and stretching before going on stage.  But changing the diet and using natural remedies was really not their thing.   That is not until they realized how well the natural therapies could work to help you heal from plastic surgery.


The tour had convenient breaks for the artists to have the necessary anti-aging cosmetic surgery support.  This was the answer to years of self-destruction and the war against gravity.  Botox, facelifts, tummy tucks, lip injections and the list goes on…

“Hope I die before I get…old.”
-The Who


  I supported the post surgery experience with remedies to decrease bruising, decrease inflammation and swelling, and to help the integrity of the connective tissue healing.   Natural remedies are quite good for this.   I also did lymphatic drainage massage and other soft tissues therapies. 


 I was elevated to genius status when one of the artist’s plastic surgeon told him that he had never seen someone heal so quickly from plastic surgery before.  “What ever you are doing is working brilliantly.”   The good news is that this opened him and the others up to the fact that, “Hey, the snake oil really works!”  


By the end of the tour I had them on anti-aging diets and supplements.  I was also doing acupuncture facelifts for the spots that the Botox had failed.  I really didn’t mind how they came around to believing in Natural Medicine.   I am just happy they did.





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