Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing


Excerpt from The Rockstar Remedy




Dr. Gabrielle Francis



It was the mid 80s and I was asked to massage a rock star from an 80s Heavy Metal band.   I was escorted back stage through an area where I saw a long line of girls waiting outside the artist’s dressing room.  I was told to wait for a while.   There was a guy walking around with a walkie-talkie that was getting messages from the artist on stage.  I found out that this guy’s job was to go out into the audience and bring back the girls that the artist wanted to have sex with.  The artist would notify him about where she was and what she was wearing.   I was very disturbed by this.  I was even more disturbed to see boyfriends of the girls waiting outside the backstage door for their girlfriends who were going to sleep with the artist.   I spent an hour staring with disgust at the entire scene, trying not to judge, and taking as many water and bathroom excursions as I could to regroup. One by one the girls entered and left.


Finally!  Time had come for the massage. I felt sick entering the dressing room.  The artist was wearing spandex leopard pants, a vest with no shirt, and cowboy boots.  His hair was long and stringy.  Even in the 80s this was a fashion don’t!


I said you would need to shower if you want me to work on you.  So I left and found him ready for his treatment. During the treatment, the artist was bragging about the girls.  I told him that I thought he was sick, disrespectful and foolish for not using protection during sex.   He was amazed and annoyed at my lack of enthusiasm for his bravado.  Obviously, he was not used to being around a woman that did not see the sex appeal.


I was so relieved to leave the venue and I actually charged him triple to compensate for extra time I spent waiting.


15 years later….


I was working backstage at a music festival and the artist was there with his then fiancé.   By this time there was a very receding hairline and a beer belly too.  No more spandex!  Thank God!


 He came to me to get an adjustment and massage.  He did not remember that I had worked on him many years before.   When he found out that I was a Naturopathic Doctor, he asked if he could ask me some questions regarding a problem he had.   He told me that he had Herpes and wondered if natural medicine could help him.


I was hardly shocked.   But glad to help.    


I offered him the natural remedies and dietary advice that I knew to help support his immune system and prevent outbreaks.   He was grateful.  I refrained, but all I could think was ,“Told you so!”





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