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Dream Bigger Podcast with Siffat Haider and Dr. Gabrielle Francis



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Dr. Gabrielle Francis




On today's episode I'm chatting with Dr. Gabrielle Francis, The Herban Alchemist, a functional medicine doctor who’s been a leader in this field for years. She used to tour with major rock bands, so her naturopathic practice focuses on balancing the challenges of modern day indulgences. We talk about holistic medicine - what it is, and why it has recently gained popularity. We also get into health concerns like leaky gut, inflammation and hormonal maladies. For each of these health issues, Dr. G shares tips and harm reduction techniques.

We also discuss wellness trends like CBD oil and activated charcoal. Dr. G is unlike any holistic doctor you’ve heard from. Because she’s had experience working with rock stars, she helps people figure out a realistic wellness plan for them instead of prescribing a super restricted style of living. It’s been one of the most interesting episodes I’ve recorded to date.



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I founded Icing & Glitter as a creative outlet and portfolio to show to PR companies and magazines I wanted to work. What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a full-time job in and of itself. In July 2016, I took a leap of faith and left my job in publishing to pursue my blog full-time.

From its inception, my goal was always to spread the belief that no dream is too big. Icing & Glitter is a space that informs, sparks honest conversation, and encourages its readers to live a beautiful, positive life.

One of the questions I’m asked quite often is why I decided to name my website Icing & Glitter considering my fairly restrained aesthetic. It’s a bit of a funny story actually! Growing up, I’d always wanted to start a dessert catering business, so I thought Icing & Glitter was a fitting name. Of course, that dream never panned out, but the name kinda stuck. I decided to keep it, because I felt it perfectly reflected the positive and inspiring space I wanted to create.