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Cultures of Health and Healing: Bob Vetter and Dr. G Interview

Cultures of Health and Healing


Podcast Interview with


Bob Vetter and Dr. Gabrielle Francis



Learn how findings from other cultures can enrich your life and improve your overall health—your mind, body, spirit and emotions.

If you’ve ever investigated complementary and alternative medicine, you might have touched upon some of the techniques and ideas covered in this podcast.

We’ll delve deeper into these topics and learn about the people and cultures that practice them.

From the comfort of wherever you are, you’ll travel the world, exploring the practices and beliefs of health and healing from a diversity of cultures.

This podcast is hosted by anthropologist and healer Robert Vetter, who has spent a lifetime exploring the intersection of spirituality and healing.

In some episodes, he’ll interview practitioners of various healing and wisdom ways from around the world.

Topics will include cultural healing systems, herbology, spirituality, relationships, nutrition, healing stories, exercise and meditation.

Join us as we explore our world to uncover the meaning of health and healing.




Dr. Gabrielle Francis and Bob Vetter on the Path to Health and Healing:




Interview 1:  Your Story in Becoming a Healer


Interview 2:  The Healers that Influenced You


Interview 3:  Your Practice Today