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Vaccine and Booster Protocols: Integrative Approach for Prepping for a Safe Experience


Today I will share with you the Vaccine and Booster Shot Protocols that I use in my practice.    They are based on my experience with Covid Patients and my studies with the Institute of Functional Medicine on Covid-19 and Vaccines.    

If you have gathered all the unbiased information that you can, and have decided to get a Vaccine, then enjoy the material below to help guide you on this Adventure!

First, there are some answers to common questions that I have received.   This will be followed  by 2 different Vaccine Protocols.   Please determine which of the 2 Vaccine Protocols is best for you by reading through the criteria provided.


Q and A:


Why do some people feel nothing when they get VACCINATED, and some PEOPLE feel really ILL?


Vaccines, like mediations and supplements, have to be filtered through our own Body and Terrain.   Things that can affect your response include your own Immune system, The ability of your Liver to Detox, and Underlying health conditions.   We are all unique and respond differently to different things.    The research for the 3 Covid-19 Vaccines was done on extremely large samples of people of varying ages, health concerns, and ethnicities.   This is good, as we know that the relative safety is broad.


Why should I PREP for the VACCINE? What are the BENEFITS?


The Goal is to prep the Immune system to have a healthy response to the Vaccine. 

While most people feel little to no symptoms, others may experience fatigue, nausea, malaise, headache, body aches, dizziness and fever.    

The Vaccine Prep Protocol supports general Health and Wellness which is especially important during this time of the Pandemic.   Choosing a Vaccine for Covid-19 is not a free pass to stop prioritizing your health.  Be sure to continue all the Personal Protective Rituals.


I Scheduled the VACCINE.  Can I stop wearing a MASK?


No.  You are still susceptible to Covid-19.   There is a current upsurge in positive Covid Cases in most US cities.   Now is not the time to get Lazy!  Hand Tight.


I had the VACCINE.  When will I be IMMUNE to Covid-19?


You should have immunity to Covid-19 about 3 weeks after your second dose of Moderna or Phizer.  You should have Immunity to Covid-19 about 1 month after the Johnson and Johnson.  

However, with the new Omicron and Delta variants, the immunity is not 100% guaranteed.   You may still get Covid, although it should be a milder infection for you.   Therefore, you should continue to follow the Personal Protective measures during this time as you could still be infected with Covid.


I had the VACCINE.   Can I stop wearing a MASK?


You can potentially carry and spread the virus to other people.   There is research showing that Vaccinated people will pass on a virus with a much lower viral load.   Good News.  However, if you are around people that are high risk or immune compromised, it is best to continue to wear a mask.   I know.  It’s a bummer!  But Wear and Mask and Love Your Neighbor.   


How do I know if I am HEALTHY enough to get a VACCINE of a BOOSTER?


If you have health concerns and are unsure about the Vaccine, then I would advise that you see your Doctor for a yearly physical and ask for comprehensive Bloodwork.  The results will give you an overview of your health and may help to determine if you are a good candidate for the Vaccine and/or if you are at high risk for a severe Covid-19 reaction.


Laboratory Work Up:


  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • CBC plus differential
  • Lipid Panel
  • B12/Folate
  • HbA1C
  • Iron
  • Vitamin D-3
  • TSH
  • T4
  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
  • CRP
  • Epstein Barr Virus Panel
  • Cytomegalia Virus Panel



Are you PRO-VACCINE, Dr. G?


To be honest, I have had only a couple of Vaccines in my life.  I look at Vaccines much like Medications.   There is a place for them.   And there has been considerable overuse of them too.   It is good to have a healthy skepticism of them.   You may say that I am less Pro-Vaccine, and more Anti-Covid.   After 2 years of working with Covid-19 patients in my practice and as an EMT, I feel that the benefits of the Vaccine for Covid-19 outweigh the risks of getting Covid-19.    Even healthy people have long term health consequences following this virus.   So that is why I decided to receive the Vaccine for myself.    I also immersed myself into Professional Education about the Vaccines and have determined that these Vaccines are more benign than most Vaccines that have been developed for other diseases.  



Rest and Relax before Vaccine 





  • No fever or active infection for 14 days
  • Eat some protein 1-2 hours before getting Vaccine.
  • Drink lots of water before the Vaccine
  • Rest and Sleep 8 hours the night before the Vaccine.
  • Replenish electrolytes with Coconut Water, Emergency, or Bone Broth before you Receive Vaccine
  • Your doctor recommends and approves the Vaccine for you.
  • Enjoy some Rest and Relaxation after you receive the Vaccine.   Don’t push yourself with intensive exercise or stressful work.  Just relax!








Please read the criteria for each category to know which protocol to follow. 

 It is IMPORTANT to know if you belong in Protocol 1 or 2!

Supplements are from The Apothe-Carry @TheHerbanAlchemist.   



If you want to purchase products online somewhere else, please see the ingredients on the product labels for comparison.   

Reconsider buying supplements on Amazon.    Anyone can sell Anything on Amazon.   That may be fine when you are buying batteries and appliances.   But with Health and Supplements….You need to know your DEALER!      







  • Have not had Covid-19 and/or do not have Covid-19 antibodies
  • Do not have Auto-Immune disease
  • Have a normal response to medications and supplements
  • Have no active infections.
  • Are not pregnant.
  • Are taking the Vaccine fully informed and willing.




  • Have an Autoimmune Disease
  • Have Covid-19 Antibodies
  • Have had Covid-19 and are recovered over 3 months
  • Are very sensitive to or overreact to medications
  • Have had exaggerated reactions to previous Vaccinations.
  • Are taking the Vaccine with the approval of your medical Doctor.








  • Begin 1-4 weeks before you get vaccinated.   Or as soon as possible if the appointment is coming up.
  • Discontinue all supplements and anti-inflammatory medications 3 days before the Vaccine.
  • Continue taking the Protocol and/or supplements 4 days after the Vaccine.
  • Do the same for the Second Dose or Booster Shot.
  • Continue for One Month after the Second Dose of Phizer or Moderna.
  • Continue for One Month after the Johnson and Johnson.





Inflammation Smoothie Bundle

  • 1 shake in the AM.


Vitamin C Supreme

  • 1 pill / 3x per day


Zinc Chelate

  • 1 Pill before Bed


Vitamin D-3 5000

  • 1 pill before Bed


Herbal Immunity

  • 1 pill 2x per day





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Continue the above protocol for One Month following the final Vaccine Dose.


If you have had any prolonged symptoms or new concerns following the Vaccine, 


consult me or you doctor to be evaluated.




Smoothie for Vaccine Preparation





  • Start the Protocol 1-4 Weeks before you take your first dose of the Vaccine.
  • Continue the Protocol during the Vaccine and Following the Vaccine.  There are no skipped days.
  • Continue the protocol for 1-2 months Post Vaccine
  • Have you Doctor monitor you after you take the Vaccine if you have prolonged symptoms or a new problem.




Inflammation Smoothie Bundle

  • 1 Shake in the AM


Vitamin C Supreme

  • 1 pill/ 3x per day


Zinc Chelate

  • 1 Pill before bed


Vitamin D-3 (5000)

  • 1 Pill before bed



  • 1 pill 3x per day


Cortisol Manager

  • 1 Pill before bed


Respiratory Immune

  • 1 Pill in the AM




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