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Mayan Floral and Herbal Spiritual Bath

Mayan Floral and Herbal Bath


A Spiritual Self Care Ritual for Cleansing Negativity and Trauma





Dr. Gabrielle Francis



Spiritual bathing is an ancient ritual found in many cultures around the world.   It is a healing practice that may help to remove emotional obstacles.  The vibrational power of water along with plants, sacred incense, and prayerful intention can free you from the past and reconnect you to your soul force.

Mayan Spiritual Bathing is a practice used to remove spiritual illness or emotional blocks. This Mayan practice recognizes that disease can reside in the body or soul and that the causes of illness can be physical or spiritual in nature. Using sacred waters, herbs, flower essences, copal incense, prayer, and intention participants gain a liberation from emotional obstacles, clarity of mind, and feel uplifted in their spirit. It is an ancient healing art that is used widely in Mayan Medicine and throughout the Indigenous Regions of Central and South America. 


The Mayan believe that there is a Spiritual origin for most Disease:

  • Susto (fright or trauma)
  • Pesar (grief and loss)
  • Tristeza (sadness, depression)
  • Coraje (anger)1`
  • Mal Ojo (evil eye)
  • Invidia (envy)


Spiritual dis-ease leads to physical dis-ease and Maya healing recognizes the connection between the body’s illnesses, the diseases of the soul, the community, and one’s attitude towards Life.

In a Maya spiritual bath, it is necessary to determine your healing intentions.  Medicinal plants, flowers, and herbs are then gathered with gratitude and prayerful intention.  The bath is placed in the sun or under the light of the moon to increase the water’s vibrational healing power, allowing for your highest healing potential.  Fresh rosemary and sacred copal incense are also used during the Maya bath to clear energies before and after the bath.   Rosemary is used for purification.  Copal is an energy tool that is linked to the crown chakra and helps strengthen the auric body, removing energy blockages and lifts prayers up.  Copal incense is used burned to clear negative energy, as well.


The Benefits of a Mayan Floral and Herbal Spiritual Bath

  • Lifts your spirit
  • Removes negativity and obstacles that block you from achieving goals
  • Helps bring closure to trauma
  • Releases fear, grief, resentment, envy, and anxiety
  • Brings clarity, courage, and confidence
  • Often the first practice before other healing rituals.



How to do your own Mayan Floral and Herbal Spiritual Bath:


  1. Set Intention for Healing:

Set and intention for the purpose of your healing bath.   First think of what you are need of releasing.   Second, have an intention for something new that you would like to invite in.


  1. Fill Bowl with Purified Water.


  1. Gathering Flowers and Herbs:


If you have access to nature, you may collect your flowers and herbs in a park or in your garden.    If you do not have access to Nature or a Garden, it is fine to purchase flowers and herbs from a flower shop or grocery store.


Prayer and Gratitude:

While collecting the flowers and herbs it is important to “Thank the Plant”, the “Great Spirit of Choice” and “Mother Nature” for the gift of healing.  Also, it is important to continually recite your intention for healing…That which you wish to release and That which you would like to invite in.


  1. Floral and Herbal Bath in the Sun

 Place your flower and herbs into your Water bowl and continue to Give Thanks and Set     Intentions.  Let the Flowers and Herbs sit in the Spiritual Bath for 3-4 hours in the Sun.



  1. Prepare Sacred Space

 Set up a quiet area to perform your Ritual.  


  1. Incense Clearing;

The Mayan used Copal as an incense to burn negative energies and trauma and to connect to Higher Spirit.   If you don’t have access to Copal you can use other incense or a Sage Smudge Stick.


Clear the Area of the Space with the Incense.  Then Clear the area around your body and head with the Incense.  Remember to Continue to Recite your Intentions.



  1. The Bathing

 There are 2 Ways to Perform the Bathing.   Choose the method that works best for you.


  1. Pour the Floral and Herbal Water into a Warm Bath

Soak for 20-30 minutes and also splash the water around your head and upper torso.


  1. Splash the Floral and Herbal Water with your hands around your head, body and the area about 2-3 around your body.


  1. Remember to Continue with your Prayers and Intentions for Healing.




  1. Close your Ceremony

  with Incense and Prayers of Gratitude for Healing


  1. Rest and Relax

  Let the profound and subtle healing settle in and give Prayers of Gratitude.



Dr. Gabrielle Francis is a Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist practicing in NYC as The Herban Alchemist.