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Improving SURGERY Outcomes with NATURAL MEDICINE

Improving SURGERY Outcomes





Having Surgery is a stressful life experience for many of my patients.   It is a major decision that must be made with the thoughtful expert opinion of your medical doctor and surgeon.   Surgical interventions for health conditions are almost always chosen after less invasive interventions have been tried.  In other words, it is often the last resort and necessary.   


Anyone who has had a surgical procedure knows that it can be disruptive to your body, mind, and lifestyle.    I know this firsthand!  In that last year, I have had 5 surgeries on my hands and feet.   Luckily, I was able to avoid and postpone surgery for many years due to success with alternative medicine and non-invasive medical procedures.    However, I decided with the condition of my hands and feet, that these surgeries would be able to improve my lifestyle and work and help me to live pain-free.    I came to this decision after thorough medical diagnostics including second and third opinions.


Preparing and Recovering from Surgery with Natural Medicine therapies can enhance recovery from surgery by reducing inflammation and pain, enhancing tissue repair, and detoxing the body from the medications of the procedures.   Most of my patients report that they healed amazingly well from Surgery when they followed my surgical prep and post-surgical protocols.   Not to mention, they report that their surgeons are also impressed!  



The Surgery Support Protocols are divided into 3 parts:


  1. Preparing for Surgery: Strengthening the Body

  2. Post-Surgery Month 1:  Reducing Inflammation and Supporting Repair

  3. Post-Surgery Month 2: Detoxing Medications and Enhancing Repair



Following the Steps here can help prepare you for the surgery and enhance healing and repair post- surgery.  


These are general guidelines.  When using supplements, it is best to consult with your Medical Doctor.   Some supplements may interfere with medications.   Many herbs and supplements that help surgery recovery work by reducing inflammation and clotting. 


Therefore, if you are taking blood thinners or anticoagulants, it is imperative that you consult with your Physician before using any supplements.  However, most of these recommendations are safe as they are using vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and functional foods.  If your medical doctor is not educated on supplements, then you can consult with an Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, or Naturopathic Doctor.   They can help you to navigate the Supplements and Medication combinations.



Integrative and Herbal Medicine to help recover from Surgery.






Preparing for Surgery should begin once you have confirmed that surgery is necessary.   The more time that you must strengthen your body the better your surgical outcome.   Remember any surgical intervention is a trauma to the body.    Preparing for surgery also means getting your lifestyle prepared for the post-surgical time such as having caregivers, taking time off work, and making. Your home environment ready for your return.




Healthy Eating can begin for months before surgery and help to strengthen the body and the mind.

Download the Health Food Rocks Document Here***




When possible, staying active can help your surgical outcomes because it helps to improve circulation, strengthen muscles, and enhance flexibility.  Your choice of Movement Activities really depends on your abilities and doctors’ recommendations.  

Here are some to consider:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Light Weights
  • Gentle Yoga and Stretching




  1. Arrange for time off work and work from home options.
  2. Have a Friend of Loved one assigned to picking your up from the Surgery.
  3. Arrange for a post-surgery caregiver for the first 3- 7 days.
  4. Grocery shop and stock up on healthy meals, snacks and personal care essentials that will be necessary for your first week at home.
  5. Have some meals prepared or easy post-surgery mini meals that involved protein. Protein foods are essential for Recovering after surgery.
  6. Purchase the medications that are recommended by your doctor from the pharmacy before the surgery.
  7. Arrange your home with easy to access areas for sleeping, resting, recovering without the need to use the stairs.
  8. Purchase your Month 1 Post Surgery Supplements if you choose to do the Protocol.


These supplements begin the day after surgery.


  1. Most surgeries require a Physical Exam and Presurgical Lab work up. This will be recommended by your doctor and must be scheduled by you with your General Practitioner.  Covid 19 testing is now recommended by most hospital and surgical centers the week before the surgery.




  • Food Based Multivitamin/Mineral for several months before surgery
  • Omega 3 oils





  1. Stop ALL Supplements and Herbs for 2 Weeks before Surgery
  2. Get plenty of rest and aim to sleep 8 hours per night.
  3. Eat healthy whole foods
  4. Drink 8 glasses of filtered water
  5. Take Medications as advised by your Medical Doctor







  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Decrease Pain
  • Support Tissue Healing




  • Eat Healthy Foods including a lot of vegetables, fruits, and proteins. Avoid inflammatory foods such as sugar, alcohol, wheat, and processed foods
  • Drink plenty of filtered water.
  • Rest
  • Sleep 10-12 hours for recovery
  • Move your body as much as possible and recommended by your surgeon. Movement improves circulation and healing and reduces clotting.








The Surgery Support Smoothie is a Superfood Functional Food Meal Replacement that enhances surgery recovery for the first 4-6 weeks post-surgery.    It provides a Protein Powder designed to support the bodies inflammation balance.   It has Gut Repair and Probiotics to support the Gut and Immune system that may often be challenged by the surgical medications.  The Omega 3 fatty acids help support a healthy immune and inflammation response.   Collagen helps to promote connective tissue repair.


The Smoothie can be a breakfast or lunch replacement.   For convenience it can be made for 2 or 3 days and kept in the blender or in the refrigerator.    Just blend it in the am.   Sip on it over the course of 2-3 hours and enjoy the benefits. 





We recommend that you consult your physician before taking the supplements to be sure they are appropriate recommendations for you.

Ingredients: (included in bundle)

  • INFLAMMA-Pro 1 scoop
  • Gut REVIVE 1 scoop
  • PROBIOTIC Plus ½ packet
  • Rainbow GREENS 1 scoop
  • Arctic COD Liver 1TB
  • COLLAGEN Complete 1TB


Optional Super Food Boosters: (add 1-2 for additional goodness)


  • Turmeric 1 tsp
  • MCT Oil 1 TB
  • Superfood + Berry Powder 1 tsp
  • Spices: turmeric, ginger, cilantro, parsley ½ tsp




  • Mix the above ingredients into 12-16 oz. of purified water
  • You may add 1⁄2 cup of frozen organic berries, papaya, or pineapple
  • Optional: You may add 1⁄2 cup of yogurt, rice milk, almond milk, or soy milk
  • Spices: turmeric, ginger, cilantro, parsley




  • All smoothie ingredients should be refrigerated.
  • The smoothie is best as a meal replacement for breakfast.
  • It has nearly 20 grams of protein.
  • Take at least 30 minutes to drink this. It is a meal.
  • The Inflammation Elixir Smoothie is best when accompanied by the Health Food Rocks! guidelines



Inflammation Support Smoothie for Recovery from Surgery



*ARNICA MONTANA (30cc) homeopathic tablets:

Reduces pain, inflammation, and bruising

Take 3 pellets under the tongue, let dissolve: 4-5 times per day

Continue for 10-14 days post-surgery

Begin the day after Surgery



Reduces Pain, Inflammation

1-2 pills, 3x per day

If taking Smoothie for Breakfast, then take INFLAZYME at Lunch, Dinner, and Bed


*MAGNESIUM MALATE (100mg magnesium)

Reduces pain, soreness, muscle spasm, constipation

1 cap; 3x per day



Improves connective tissue repair 

1 cap; 2x per day


*VITAMIN D3 (5000iu)

Promotes Tissue healing

1 pill: Before Bed





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  • Physical Therapy as advised by your Medical Doctor
  • Acupuncture to decrease pain and improve healing
  • Massage to increase circulation and reduce muscle tension
  • Stretching to increase flexibility and circulation.
  • Meditation to calm nervous system and improve immune function.


The Immediate Post-Surgical Recommendations should be done for 4-6 weeks following the Surgical Procedure.   



Once Post-Surgical medications such as Antibiotics, Pain Medicines and Anti-inflammatories are finished, you can proceed to the POST SURGERY Month 2 Recommendations.








  • Detox Medications, Inflammation and Toxins

  • Create Foundation for Building and Strengthening

  • Enhance Tissue Healing and Repair


Once you have finished the Initial Phase of Healing from Surgery, you can move to the next month which helps your body to Detox the medications from your system.   This phase also supports the Healing and Repair of the Muscles, Connective Tissue, and Organs after the Surgery.   Cleansing the Body is essential to full recovery and restoring your body to the foundation that allows the building to take place.





This free online program helps you to fully Detox and Reset your Body, Mind and Spirit.

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This Functional Food Superfood Smoothie Supports the Liver and Gut so that they can Detox the Medications, Toxins, and Inflammation from your Body after the Surgery.   It is a meal replacement for breakfast or lunch.   Take 2-3 hours to drink it for best results.

We recommend that you consult your physician before doing a detox to see if it is right for you.


Ingredients: (included in bundle)


  • Phyto-CLEANSE 1 scoop
  • Gut REVIVE 1 scoop
  • Rainbow GREENS 1 scoop
  • PROBIOTIC Plus ½ packet
  • FIBER Complete 1 scoop
  • FLAX Oil 1 TB


Optional Super Food Boosters: (add 1-2 for additional goodness)


  • Superfood +Greens Boost 1 packet
  • Wheatgrass Powder ½ tsp
  • Matcha Powder ½ tsp
  • Spices: Cilantro, Parsley, Mint ½ tsp




  • Mix the above ingredients into 12-16 oz. of purified water
  • You may add 1⁄4- 1⁄2 cup of frozen organic berries or vegie juice
  • Optional: You may add 1⁄2 cup of yogurt, rice milk, almond milk, or soy milk
  • Add lemon or lime for extra cleansing benefits, or spices such as Cilantro, Parsley, and Mint




  • All smoothie ingredients should be refrigerated.
  • The smoothie is best as a meal replacement for breakfast. It has nearly 20 grams of protein.
  • Take 30 minutes or more to drink this. It is a meal.
  • This smoothie is intended for use with the Rx Star Remedy Detox Food Recommendations or The Health Food Rocks!



Detox Smoothie Recipe for Recovery and Healing from Surgery




1 TB per day in am smoothie



1 cap: 3x per day



1 cap: 3x per day



1 cap: 2x per day



1 cap before Bed



1 cap:  Dinner



1 cap: Dinner





HERE @ The Apothe-Carry




  • Physical Therapy as recommended by your Medical Doctor and/or Surgeon.

  • Acupuncture to enhance healing and reduce pain.

  • Chiropractic Adjustments to align the spine.

  • Massage Therapy to Reduce muscle spasm and increase circulation.

  • Yoga/Stretching to increase circulation and flexibility.





Hopefully it’s now clear that optimal recovery actually takes work. There’s preparation, adhering to a plan and actions to reduce stress. Even for the most organized people, it’s a lot and it can feel overwhelming at times and if you haven’t had your surgery yet, it’s difficult to even comprehend what it will be like to deal with an entirely new layer of emotional and physical challenges. And even for people who’ve experienced surgery before, there’s a big difference in understanding what to do, and actually doing it.

That’s where programs like Ready Set Recover come in - by providing a comprehensive approach that facilitates a deeper understanding of the recovery process and a structured framework that leads to successful healing outcomes. Remember, the ultimate goal is not just to recover, but to do so with greater ease. You’re in control of more than you possibly imagined. Time to take control!



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I hope this Guide helps your Surgery Recovery to be a Success.   Incorporating Natural Remedies into your life before and after surgery is an exercise in Integrative Medicine.  It combines the best of Western and Complimentary medicine to enhance your Recovery and Improve your Surgical Outcomes.    When something as Stressful as having a Surgery is necessary you can have some peace of mind in knowing that the Natural Medicine Support can improve the outcomes and reduces some of the harmful effects of the medications and procedures. 




Good Luck and Best Wishes for a Speedy and Healthy Recovery post- Surgery!