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8 Ways to use Coconut Oil to Boost Immunity

 8 Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Boost Immunity

 By Dr. Gabrielle Francis



Welcome to my Immune Academy! I must admit that I have become much more interested in the Immune system lately.  And I know that all of you have too. 

I wish to show you all the great ways you can feel empowered and stay healthy. 
And I wish you the best in Health and Peace of Mind
during this challenging time...


Today we explore the properties of one of the World’s most famous Superfoods, Coconut Oil, and why it is good for Immunity.


Coconut Oil is high in a type of fat called MCT’s or Medium Chain Triglycerides.   The MCT’s work to enhance our metabolism and promote energy.  

Here are a few of the Researched Benefits of the MCT’s for Health:

  1. Increases Good HDL Cholesterol
  2. Promotes Ketones for Brain Health
  3. Reduces risk of Heart Disease
  4. Encourages Heart Health
  5. May Reduce Hunger
  6. Protects and Beautifies Skin and Hair
  7. May Reduce Abdominal Fat
  8. May Improve Dental and Oral Health



Wow!  That is an Awesome list of good stuff!  

Well, wait…there is even more……


Coconut Oil also has two special ingredients that make is especially good for the Immune System.  These two fatty acids are Lauric Acid, which metabolizes to Monolaurin, and Caprylic Acid.  Both of these fatty acids have been researched to fight microbes such as:  Yeast, Bacteria and Viruses.   That is why you will often see these ingredients in supplements for the Immune system.


There are so many ways to Enjoy the Amazing Benefits of one of the Superfood, Coconut Oil.  


If you want to enhance Immunity Naturally, try one or more of these:


  1. Cooking:  Coconut Oil can be substituted for Olive oil and other oils for baking and frying.
  2. Substitute for Butter:   Substitute Coconut Oil for butter and lather it on Toast, Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes and more.
  3. Smoothies: Add a 1-TB of Coconut or MCT oil to your morning Smoothie
  4. Coffee: Add a tablespoon of Coconut Oil to your Coffee. Think Bullet Proof! One of my favorite Delivery systems.
  5. Body Oil: Use Coconut Oil as an after-shower body oil for intense skin moisture and hydration.
  6. Hair Oil: Coconut oil after a shower applied to wet hair makes a great hair oil. 
  7. Oil Pulling: Take 1 TB of Coconut Oil and swish around your mouth for 20 minutes and then spit out.  This cleans out your oral cavity and gums.




I know you are already doing some of these great things!


 It is so important that you give yourself tons of credit as you are already doing such a great job taking care of yourself.   It is important to feel empowered and remember that all the small things you do every day are helping you stay strong and healthy.   This empowered attitude also helps Strengthen your Immunity and gives you Peace of Mind!


Dr. Gabrielle Francis is a Acupuncturist, Chiropractor and Naturopathic Doctor practicing in NYC.

Learn More about her practice, The Herban Alchemist HERE!