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LIMPIA: Zapotec Spiritual Cleansing Ritual



Zapotec Spiritual Cleansing Ritual





LIMPIA, a Spiritual Cleansing Ritual


A Limpia, or spiritual cleansing, is used to cleanse the body, mind, and soul of negativity. It is known to remove bad luck, blockages, confusions, bad karma, witchcraft, ends generational curses, imbalances, helps with addictions, phobias, and fears. It is powerful for removing spiritual illness and helps with physical health problems as well, but this is not a replacement for visiting your doctor. The limpia brings peace, rejuvenation, protection, clarity, and opportunity your way. It attracts prosperity and blessings, stimulates the third eye, balances the chakras, and much more.


Curanderisomo, Curandero, Spiritual cleansing, Limpia



A Limpia can be performed with various objects depending on the curandero or the situation at hand. Many are performed with raw unbroken eggs and fresh herb twigs that are used to sweep the body. The raw state of the egg has a natural ability to absorb negativity. Not many know of its power. With the combination of the eggs natural power and the use of special prayers makes the limpia very effective. Of course, the energy of the "cleaner" is extremely important. 



Limpia, Mexican Spiritual Cleansing



A Limpia is beneficial as an everyday cleansing, you cannot have too many. We, just like every other living thing on Earth collect different energies daily. These energies are collected from people we come across to situations that we're faced with. Some of these energies are good while others have a negative outcome on us. And the affect can accumulate.





This Limpia takes place in Oaxaca, Mexico during The Day of the Dead Celebrations.  Before El Día de Los Muertos, many of the locals visit the Curandero for a Limpia to clean their spirits before the Ancestors arrive.   The Curanderos see most disease as a result of spiritual afflictions such as Fright, Anger, Jealously, Envy, and Grief.


Laurencio López Nuñez, a curandero and botanist from Oaxaca, Mexico, performs a Limpia on  Dr. Gabrielle Francis in preparation for the Day of the Dead Ceremony.   



The Zapotec practice a spiritual tradition that synchronizes both traditional Earth based Mysticism with Catholicsm.   



 A Herbal Bundle is used to absorb the negative energies of the body and is passed over the entire body. The bundle is beaten over the back of the knees and in the front as well with the exhortation to the person's spirit to "come" and return to the body "so that you are where you are."


The Herbs are believed to absorb the negative energies of the body, and, in return, provide their positive energies to bring peace and harmony to the person being cleansed.


Limpia, healing of the Curanderos, Curanderismo



An Egg, an element of the womb, is then used in much the same way, removing the heavy vibrations, and bringing balance and equilibrium. While the egg is rubbed over the entire body, special attention is paid to the head, hands, heart, stomach, and feet.


Mezcal, an alcoholic spirit derived from the Agave plant, which is in the family Asparagaceae, is then sprayed over the head, heart, stomach, hands, and feet. According to López Nuñez, mescal is a spiritual drink used to return the spirit to the body.


Smoke from the Incense, Copal,  a resin from the elephant tree (Bursera microphylla; Burseraceae), is blown over the body.


Copal Incense, Spiritual Cleansing, Limpia

Finally, a candle is placed in the person's hands. The curandero says a prayer that the candle be a symbol of light, that the person goes forward with good energy and vibrations, that the bad energy be removed when the candle is burn, that the light may provide peace and harmony, and help the person choose their path.  


Much gratitude is also expressed by the Curandero. During the entire healing, the curandero is in praying to Grandfather Sky, Grandmother Earth, God the Father, Jesus and Mary.   


Following the Limpia, Gabrielle offers her thanks to the Curandero, Laurencio with a gift of Mezcal.   



Limpia:  Spiritual cleansing ritual 


Laurencio:  Zapotec Curandero


Dr. Gabrielle Francis:  Executive Producer


Matty Brown:  Director


Location:  Oaxaca Mexico