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Temazcal: A Mexican Sweat Lodge Ceremony for Healing



Tradition of the Mexican Sweat Lodge for Healing


A Temazcal is a ceremony steeped in Mexican heritage. It involves participants sitting in a traditional sweat lodge for health and therapeutic benefits. Ceremonies usually last for two or more hours and are typically led by spiritual healer, Curandero, or Temazcalero.

Taking part in a traditional Temazcal ritual is enjoyable, supports your well-being, and gives you direct insights into a unique and ancient Mesoamerican ceremonial culture. 



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What is a Temazcal?


A Temazcal is an ancient steam bath ritual; the name is derived from the word Temazcalli, which means “House of the Vapor” in the indigenous Náhuatl language.


In essence, a Temazcal is a sweat lodge, although ancient cultures across Mesoamerica combined this with ceremonial rituals and medicinal herbs to aid purification before life events and for healing, well-being, and childbirth.


The ancient practice of a Temazcal has become more accessible in recent times, primarily in places across Mexico’s central and southern highlands, Chiapas, and the Yucatán.   It is possible that you may have a chance to experience a Temazcal if you are visiting these regions of Mexico.



Traditional Symbolism and Ceremony


Temazcal ceremonies originated in South America, more specifically Mexico. It has been practiced by Mexicans in that part of the world and other parts of the world for thousands of years.  Historically, Temazcals began as a Cleansing Ritual for the people to engage in before and after going to wars. It was also rumored to have healing powers.


During the Spanish conquest, many Temazcal structures were destroyed by the Spaniards. The native people, however, were able to hide some in hidden locations, helping to preserve the beautiful culture till this day.


Some people think that the Temazcal is purposefully shaped in a dome-like manner to represent a woman’s womb. And that when a person steps out of a Temazcal experience, they are essentially reborn.


At its heart, the ceremony symbolizes death and rebirth with the Temazcal itself representing the womb of the mother.  A Temazcal ritual is more than a simple steam bath: it’s a ceremony that envelops physical, mental, and spiritual elements, led by a Temazcalero/Temazcalera, who guides the ritual according to ancient customs.


The Temazcal ceremony blends the physical benefits of a steam bath with ancient traditional rituals and medicinal herbs to aid purification and healing.  A Temazcal thus opens a space for personal reflection and contemplation, and some also use the practice as part of an effort to overcome some personal difficulty they may be passing through.



Temazcal Mayan




The Temazcal Dome


The dome-shaped structure used to conduct the ritual will accommodate anywhere from a handful to a couple of dozen or more participants, depending on its size.  Typically, a stone or wood ledge provides seating for the participants, who sit around the inside perimeter of the dome during the ritual. 


The rituals are always led by the Temazcalero, who acts as the guide for those taking part and conducts the proceedings using his or her own personal style according to the ancient traditions; this makes every ceremony as unique as the person guiding it. The guide will carry-in volcanic stones, heated on an outdoor fire, and settle them carefully into the middle of the dome.  The stones are called Abuelitos, a reference to this culture that honors the wisdom of the ancestors.   The doorway is sealed, and afterward the guide begins to pour a mixture of fresh water and herbs onto the hot stones creating the steam infusion that becomes the focal point of the ritual.





Temazcal Ceremonies


Each Temazcal ceremony is unique. Sometimes a Temazcal might be led by a Curandero or Temazcalero and could involve chanting and singing.         


The Temazcals are typically dome-like structures made of cement, mud, or volcanic stone. At the start of the ceremony, people are asked to step into the sweat lodge and get comfortable where they will typically sit in a circle or a semi-circle. Once the participants are settled in, steaming volcanic stones are placed in the middle of the circle. Water is then poured over these stones to produce steam for the sweat lodge.


The rocks used during the ceremony are heated just outside the structure before the ceremony starts. As the ceremony goes on, more hot rocks will be brought into the dome, at intervals, to keep the space hot.


In some cases, the water thrown over the rocks is infused with herbs that are thought to have healing and therapeutic properties. Some people might even drink some herbal tea while inside the Temazcal.


As the ceremony unfolds, songs and prayers will be led by the Temazcalero, and individuals may be given an opportunity to speak about themselves and what they are feeling.


Herbs used in the Temazcal Ceremony, can include Artemisia, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender, Calendula, and Echinacea.  Resin from The Copal Tree and may be placed onto the hot stones to release an aromatic fragrance into the dome.  Aloe may be offered to rub on the body for refreshment.


When the ceremony is over, you’ll be asked to exit the dome and you might be directed to take a cool shower or a dip in a pool to lower your body temperature


Each ceremony is unique, and every participant’s experience of the ceremony will be unique, too.  For some, a Temazcal is an enjoyable and entertaining steam bath; for others it can become an emotional experience that helps to release stress or anxiety as part of a healing exercise; a few may experience it as a very spiritual event that also encompasses purification and thanksgiving.


Temazcal Stones and Fire



Benefits of a Temazcal Ceremony


People who participate in a Temazcal talk afterwards about the benefits they feel after the ritual, which include:


Detoxification of your body

In terms of physical benefits, one of the most basic Temazcal benefits is detoxification of the body. Because of the heat from the thermal therapy, this experience cleanses the body of toxins and impurities through sweat. Respiratory cleansing and increase in blood circulation are also said to be additional Temazcal benefits.


Purification of your mind

Another set of Temazcal benefits involves purification of the mind. Although varying slightly depending on the shaman, a Temazcal Mexico experience always involves some sort of singing and chanting. The singing and chanting involved in a Temazcal provides a vehicle for meditation and connection with spiritual elements. 


Growth through overcoming challenges

A Temazcal Mexico ceremony is not an easy experience. The heat of the stones, the darkness of the space, and the length of the ceremony makes this experience an endurance challenge. In fact, an average Temazcal temperature can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). However, with the challenges come many Temazcal benefits.  The difficulty of a Temazcal experience provides an opportunity for personal growth. The challenge of the heat can help you overcome other challenges in your life. And being in the darkness opens the metaphorical door to address latent or dormant issues in your life.


Grounding and Connection to Other Participants

Many of the chants and songs in the Temazcal revolve around the four elements: earth, fire, water, and wind. Focusing your attention on these four elements helps you ground yourself and reaffirm your connection to the earth.  Another aspect of Temazcal benefits is a deeper connection to yourself and to others. There’s a sharing component to every Temazcal ceremony, as participants take turns sharing their intentions. This gives you a chance to connect with your fellow Temazcal participants.


Cultural Appreciation for Mexico

By far, one of the most unexpected Temazcal benefits involves a deeper connection to Mexican culture. Many Mexicans participate in a Temazcal ceremony on a regular basis. Some do the ceremony weekly. Temazcal gives you more insight into Mexican culture, as well as the richness of pre-Columbian traditions. This in turn helps you become a more culturally respectful traveler to Mexico.


Improved blood flow and muscular system:

The ritual helps to improve your blood circulation

aiding the flush-out of toxins, helping to address matters related to circulation issues, that in turn helps your muscular system including sprains, bruises, and muscle aches.


Helps to reduce stress and anxiety:

The ritual intends to help your body and mind release stress and nervous tension.  People who have experienced a Temazcal also report being able to rest and sleep much better afterwards.


Spiritual Impact 

Temazcals are thought to purify not just the body but the mind and soul—healing you from the inside out.





Participating in a Temazcal 


If you are thinking of participating in a Temazcal ceremony, here are some tips to keep you healthy and safe and will allow you to make the most out of the experience: 


  • Make sure you are well hydrated because you’ll be sweating a lot and losing a lot of fluids through your skin. Some Temazcal ceremonies involve tea drinking, which could help you to keep hydrated during the ceremony. 
  • Don't participate if you have a health condition that makes extreme temperatures dangerous to your health.  You can ask your doctor before participating in one to make sure it’s safe for you.
  • Try and commit to the experience wholeheartedly because Temazcals are stepped in ancient traditional rituals you might be unfamiliar with. Don’t let this deter you from enjoying the experience wholly, just follow the lead of your shaman or Temazcalero. 
  • You might participate in a bathing suit or light clothing if it’s a very intimate ceremony so it’s better to not wear too many layers since you'll likely be very hot.
  • Don’t hesitate to stop at any point if the ceremony becomes uncomfortable for you. If the dome becomes too hot or you start to feel faint or lightheaded, inform the shaman or Temazcalero and step out of the dome. 




People’s interest in sweat lodge experiences like a Temazcal is ever-growing, causing people to take advantage of the growing trend. It is important to only participate in Temazcals under the supervision of an experienced shaman or Temazcalero who is qualified in safely carrying out these ceremonies.


If left unattended or not properly supervised, a Temazcal could easily go awry. There have been incidents of people participating in sweat lodges organized by people who didn’t have proper training and people were, unfortunately, hurt.


However, if performed in the right conditions under proper supervision, a Temazcal is completely safe, and you stand to gain many benefits from this ceremony.  


I recommend that if you are interested in participating in a Temescal Ceremony, that you do so with an experienced and reputable Curandero Temazcalero that has authentic training and pure intentions.   Beware of pseudo-Shamans!



Temazcal, a Ritual for Transformation


The Temazcal benefits that come from this ancient ceremony extend far beyond the experience itself. The insights gained from a Temazcal experience can help you in your daily life. It is an ancient Ritual that can enhance your modern life with Physical and Spiritual Cleansing and Healing.   The Transformation allows you to ground Spirituality into your daily life while gaining a deeper appreciation for the Rich Culture of Mexico .



Dr. Gabrielle Francis Healing Temazcal Mexico